Thunder Bay Family Dentistry is accepting new patients.  We want to make the process of becoming a patient with our practice as simple as can be. Please click the button below to download the forms that need to be filled out. We need to have these completed and returned to us prior to scheduling your initial visit with one of our dentists.

New Patient Forms

What to expect on your first visit

Please show 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
For adults, an hour and half appointment will be scheduled with one of our dentists. During this visit, a thorough exam will be completed, gathering information needed to assess your overall oral health.  This exam will include hard and soft tissue charting as well as radiographic assessments. Following the exam, the patient will be scheduled for a cleaning with one of our hygienists.

For children and young adults under the age of 17, an hour appointment will be scheduled with one of our hygienists. A dental cleaning will be completed as well as radiographs, oral hygiene assessment and an exam by one of our dentists. A parent is welcome to be in the room while their child is being seen.

Frequently asked questions

Q:  What insurances do you participate with?
A:  Thunder Bay Family Dentistry proudly participates with Delta Dental. We also accept many other insurances. If you would like to know if we accept your insurance, it is best to call us and ask.

Q:  What does it mean that you “Participate” with my insurance?
A:  Participating with an insurance means that there is a certain portion of the charged cost for a service rendered that we must write off and can not bill to you. You will be responsible for the remaining balance due on that service.  

Q:  When are my copays and remaining balance due?
A:  At the time of service. We accept Cash, local checks, and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express) as forms of payment.

Q:  How will I know what my copays and balance due are?
A:  We make every attempt to inform you of these charges prior to coming in for that appointment. We accomplish this by sending your insurance a pre-authorization request. Once they return this to us, we will inform you of the results prior to your appointment. Some insurances take longer to receive these requests back, many take over a month to return. This will create delays in scheduling the proposed treatment.

Q:  Do you offer Payment Plans?
A:  We have a partnership with a third party financing service called CareCredit. This is a great option for helping individuals cover the cost of their copays and balances due. If you would like more information on this service, please click the button below.


Q:  What are you office hours?
A:  Thunder Bay Family Dentistry is open Monday - Thursday from 8am - 5pm.

Q:  Do you offer Emergency Services?
A:  We have emergency services every day while the office is open. If an emergency occurs after hours, patients of record have the ability to get a hold of one of our dentists.

Q:  Why can’t I just get my teeth cleaned at my first appointment?
A:   our policy is for adults to see the dentist first. Not everyone is a simple recall cleaning. Once the periodonal assessment of the comprehensive exam is completed, we will be able to designate how much time our hygienists need to complete your cleaning.

Winter Months and School Closings

When Alpena Public Schools close due to hazardous road condition, Thunder Bay Family Dentistry’s policy is to close the office as well. This is usually only for the first day if schools are closed for multiple days in a row. Our primary reason is for the safety of our patients and staff.

If there is ever a question if we are open or closed, please call the office an hour prior to your appointment, there will be a notice on the answering machine if we are closed. For those who have given us a cell phone number or email address to contact them for appointment reminders, we are able to send out those correspondences with a notice of the office closure.

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